From the very beginnings of judo`s spreading in the world, judo was accepted by the organizations that had a need for its techniques for self-defence (army, police). Today, there is no army or police that exists without using judo or its technical elements in their training. We are also witnesses of the judo technique`s efficiency in various popular mixed combat sports, especially in close distance fights, throws, and floor fighting.



Foreword by President of IJF, Marius L. VIZER

The values of judo and its versatility as a method self-defence and self-discipline are in keeping with those of the military and police and we can formalise the ties between the sport and military sector. Judo is a tool to develop strength, fitness and coordination which are also vital characteristics of those who work in this environment.

Judo for Police Programme

Day 1

The basic judo techniques to be used in situations specific to police

  • Techniques of falling (basic and specific situations, tatami, parquet and concrete)

  • Techniques of throwing (Osoto gari, O uchi gari, Seoi nage, Koshi guruma, O goshi)

  • Weapon Techniques (Waki gatame, Kote gaeshi, Kannuki gatame, Ude garami)

  • Techniques of punches and pressure on vital points (one example of each)

  • Choking Techniques (Hadaka Jime)

  • Examination

Application of basic judo techniques in police-specific situations:

  • Defence against the hold  (3 examples)  

  • Defensive Threat Attack (3 examples)

  • Defence from a punch attack (3 examples)

  • Defence from a kick attack   (3 Examples)

  • Defence from a stick attack   (3 examples)

  • Defence from a knife attack   (3 examples)

  • Protection with threat a Pistol (3 examples)

  • Examination

Day 2

Grips for overcoming and arresting techniques in police-specific situations:

  • Arresting Techniques (All Side and Passive Resistance)

  • Two-to-one Arresting Techniques (from all sides and passive resistance) techniques

  • Help in a situation to attack another person

  • Examples of self-defence training

  • Examination

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Course instructor

Slavisa BRADIC

Slaviša Bradic 7th DAN is a member of the International Judo Federation Military and Police Commission, an IJF kata judge, and a kata instructor for the IJF Academy. For the Croatian Judo Federatio...