The IJF has established the Academy to provide Professional Education in all sectors of Judo. These courses will be delivered through a blended programme, with all the theoretical lessons provided online and the practical sessions ran in one or two weekly sessions.

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Course syllabus

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Learning Outcomes of the Course

The Level 1 Instructor course is intended to train coaches for effective work with youth and beginner athletes. The Instructor syllabus emphasizes theoretical subjects and the practical skills of coaching. At the same time, the Instructor course provides a theoretical base which is sufficient to allow Instructors to continue learning, either through their own efforts or within the structure of the Academy. To make the most efficient use of resources, the Instructor Theoretical Courses will be conducted online over a period of 11 weeks. The 1 week practical will be held at various locations using IJF tutors and standard course materials

Course Content

1.    Coaching Principles I (Growth and Development)
2.    Psychology of Sport
3.    Application of Judo
4.    Culture of Judo I
5.    History of Judo I
6.    Role of the Instructor

7.    Exercise Physiology I
8.    Nutrition and hydration I
9.    Safety I

10.    Training Methodology I 
11.    Judo organizations I
12.    Refereeing Rules I
13.    Classification of Judo

Course instructor

Dr. Tibor KOZSLA

Dr. Tibor Kozsla is a graduate from the Hungarian University of Physical Education, where he studied sport/physical activity and educational sciences.From 2002 till 2008 he worked in the Middle East ...