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Course syllabus


It is estimated that over 20 Million judoka practice Judo around the world and a very small percentage go for the competition. The large majority of frequent Judo clubs and Judo centres. These clubs and centres require professional management and administration.

The IJF Academy is providing this new sector to help administrators and managers run professionally the judo federations, clubs and centres. It is essential to provide sport managers with access to a management course of international significance, to contribute towards the improvement and the management of their judo federation, clubs and centres.

Examination Requirement - Semester 1

During Semester 1 the enrolled students must complete the 12 modules. In every module, the students shall take an examination of the module content. The passing rate for each examination is 75%.


Forum Discussion Requirement - Semester 1

Every module includes a minimum 500-characters Forum discussion. The students must be active and post their comments mandatory focusing on the topic and activity by the instructors. The posts of the students will be monitored and commented on by the course instructors.


Diploma Project Requirement - Semester 1

During Semester 1 the enrolled students must complete the Diploma Project, which is mandatory for all the students. The Diploma Project involves the practical application of the knowledge that the students have gained over the 12 modules of the Undergraduate Diploma in Judo Management (UDJM) program.


Learning Outcome of UDJM Course

  • discuss and explain general and specific information to other judo club members

  • write a document that critically analyses a judo challenge within their organisation and offers solutions based on the material presented

  • evaluate his own learning during the Judo Work Placement through a portfolio

  • study on his own through readings provided

  • produce a project as research of his own.

Course instructor


OverviewComing from England to play rugby union in Sydney in the late 1980’s I have a diverse background in ownership and management having operated a number of businesses including a major regional...
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Dr. Tibor KOZSLA

Dr. Tibor Kozsla is a graduate from the Hungarian University of Physical Education, where he studied sport/physical activity and educational sciences.From 2002 till 2008 he worked in the Middle East ...

Julianna KIRALY


Director IJF Academy, President Malta Judo Federation, Chairman EJU Medical Commission 7th Dan...